Reindeer feeding

Italy’s only reindeer herd are the famous, local stars of the vast preserve at the Croda Rossa. Feeling homey in the wild nature of the Three Peaks/3 Zinnen in the Dolomites, the shaggy animals provide amusing and fascinating encounters, even on the ski slopes sometimes.
The reindeer feeding at the Croda Rossa cable car mountain station is not only an unforgettable winter highlight for kids. Visitors may lend a helping hand when the smallest reindeer herd of the Alps gets its main course consisting of islandic moss, and mixed grain balls, “reindeer bonbons”, for dessert.
A magical experience for the entire family, hilarious encounters with the sweet animals in the fascinating winter world of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage.

- On Thursdays from 2 pm, December 29th 2016 - March 16th 2017
- at 02.00 pm 
- venue: Croda Rossa cable car mountain station
- price: A valid cable car ticket

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3 Zinnen Dolomites
Tel.: + 39 0474 710355