Realm of the Gigante Baranci

The world of the giant

Gigante Baranci and his realm. The Monte Baranci family mountain is home to a local giant named Gigante Baranci. Those who enter his realm can follow in his footsteps by visiting various interactive stations, which are particularly aimed at entertaining little guests.

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...once upon a time, a small child drank from an enchanted spring. In no time at all, the small child grew into a giant with the strength of a bear!

About his story...
Gigante Baranci
I'm the Gigante Baranci and I'm strong as a bear! That's why i helped the inhabitants of San Candido to build their cathedral. In exchange the people from the town gave me a barrel of wine, a grilled veal and a bag of potatoes every day. I love nothing more than when children visit. On the path through my realm, the Dwarf Village and it's footprints lakes and the summer toboggan run kids can experience a lot. 

What You will able to experience in the realm of the Gigante Baranci?

From a giant’s perspective
The giant’s realm circular trail
The new realm of Monte Baranci is located at the Monte Baranci mountain station. Along the 2 km long circular trail you can follow the footsteps of Gigante Baranci and experience the world from a giant’s perspective while exploring 10 exciting interactive stations.
The giant’s little helpers
Dwarf Village
The giant’s little helpers lived high up in the mountains in small, rustic huts. Visit their homes in the Dwarf Village near the Riesehaunold mountain hut. Ascend ladders to the tops of tree houses and cross the wobbly suspension bridges. The nine forest huts below are the perfect places to romp and play.
Ideal for a little refreshment
The footprint lakes
Gigante Baranci was known to ate a roasted veal and a bag of potatoes every day. In addition to he drunk a barrel of wine every day. Not surprisingly, Gigante Baranci became heavier. So heavy in fact that his footprints have left lasting impressions... Today, the footprint lakes left behind by Gigante Baranci are the ideal places to relax and refresh.
Fun is guaranteed
For twists and turns, thrills and fun, don’t miss South Tyrol’s longest summer toboggan run, the Funbob, on the Monte Baranci. After a successful day visiting the realm of Gigante Baranci, you can come back to the valley with the Funbob and enjoy the thrill of every turn. Fun for all ages in guaranteed.