San Candido

Farm holiday

We are rustic and authentic, tradition-rich and hospitable, for heartfelt and personal service. The Glinzhof boasts a uniquely panoramic location high above San Candido. It is the first address for noble farm holidays in the Dolomites. Organic agriculture is the basis for healthy and tasty meals at breakfast and dinner.
What is the Glinzhof mountain farm?
First and foremost, it is a place to feel good and unwind. It is a place to call home, even for a short period of time. This is the embodiment of all that makes farm holidays so pleasant and comfortable. Being here is about rest and recuperation, getting down to basics. The scent of hay, the crackle and heat of the fire, the taste of organic products produced on the farm, the cool of the air... this is a place of peace where you can leave your cares behind.

Our natural environment is our greatest resource
Environmentally friendly energy production has always been top priority at the Glinzhof. Here we produce far more energy than we actually need. The surplus energy we create is fed back into the network. This is our small contribution to a CO2 neutral future. We use solar energy to create warm water, a PV system to produce energy, and a CHP module to create electrical power and heat. We do not feature television sets.

For many years, we’ve offered something special: a TV-free holiday
It may seem strange at first, but doing without helps to ensure a holiday of different kind. Adults and kids will quickly notice, how relaxing a holiday can be WITHOUT A TV. Suddenly, there is time for more important things. Of course, you aren’t forced to go without a TV! For an intentionally high fee of 10 EUR per day, you can rent a flat-screen TV. All TV programmes are available via satellite.

Pets are welcome
Pets are allowed and very welcome - please let us know when booking. Normally, we charge an additional 10 EUR per animal per day. The entire property is thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. This helps us to ensure that pets do not negatively impact other guests. Outdoor pool: Heated to 30-35 C throughout the year, the pool is located on the south side of the farm house and provides unique panoramic views & and a sunbathing lawn. It features untreated mountain water from the farm’s own well. Dimensions: approx. 20 m2, water depth approx. 1.2 m.
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