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Bike-Academy Sextner Dolomiten

Foryour bikeadventuresinthe Dolomites of Sesto


ournewbike schoolBikeacademy-Sesto Dolomites is nowthe highlight of ourrecentactivitiesin the bikearea: after years ofguided tours, ever greaterexperience andmore professionalknow-how, we nowstand togetherwith clenchedBike-force for our guestsandfor localsinaction.

We are a groupof trainedmountainguides fromtheSesto Dolomitesanda member of theSouth Tyroleanbike guides, we accompany youfrom Monday to Saturdayonthe most beautiful tours-above allisyour safety, our competence andthe joy ofbikingindreamscapeof the SextenDolomites.
We look forward to you!

Your teamfrom theBike AcademySesto Dolomites
Sabine, Markus, Arno, Fred and Patrick
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