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Olperl's story

Once upon a time in Sesto/Sexten, there lived a mysterious being who went by the name of “Olperl”. Neither man nor beast, by day it would hide in the depths of the forest. Only when night began to fall would it emerge as a mischievous goblin, having great fun frightening farmers and hikers by whistling loudly. The people in the valley only knew it by its luminous eyes as big as saucers. Today the Olperl is still said to wander around the Sesto mountains like a ghost, playing all sorts of practical jokes on people.
But the Olperl was not and is not evil: all the animals in the forest and the mountains are his friends. Olperl likes climbing in competition with his friends, playing hide and seek with them and sometimes teasing them. It is also very, very crafty and loves gorging itself on the fruits and berries of the forest.

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