1. Card Holders

1.1. The “Mountain Club Card” (hereafter “Card”) is a loyalty card which can be used to obtain discounts, benefits and services at sales outlets of the Consorzio 3 Zinnen Dolomites consortium (hereafter “Issuer”) and/or its commercial partners. The Card is exclusively intended for users of the Consortium's Mountain Club, as along as they are registered as described below and they are adult individuals.

2. Description of "Loyalty Card"

2.2. The Card enables its Holder to participate in the customer loyalty programme promoted by the Issuer. In particular, it is used to take advantage of the benefits specified below.

2.3. The Card belongs exclusively to its Holder. Besides the customer's name, the Card also bears the Mountain Club ID and a unique, representational QR code. Every individual is the Holder of a single Card, which must be used for private, non-commercial purposes only.

3. Issue

3.1. The Card is issued totally free-of-charge.

3.2. The Card can be activated by the Holder when he affirms that he has examined and fully accepts the conditions contained in these Regulations prior to completing the registration procedure for the loyalty programme, which must be carried out correctly and completely using the registration form found on the website: www.trecime.com/club.

3.3. After completing registration, the Holder will receive directly and free-of-charge a message containing his Card, which will be sent to the email address indicated on the form. The Card is in the form of a PDF file that can be downloaded and used with the free "Apple Wallet" App, which can be downloaded directly from the Apple Store, and also with the “Wallet Passes Alliance” App available for downloading from the Google Play Android Store. Participants in the programme are responsible for the costs of connecting to the mobile Internet network according to the rates charged by their telephone provider.

3.4. If the form is not filled out, or is filled out incompletely or untruthfully, the Card will not be issued or will be revoked, and the individual involved will be unable to participate in the loyalty programme. The Holder also agrees to notify the Issuer regarding any changes in his personal information.

3.5. The information provided by the Holder will be handled by the Issuer in accordance with applicable law on the protection of personal information, as specified in the Informative Note furnished as provided by law.

4. Using the Card and Taking Advantage of its Benefits

4.1. The Card must be presented when paying for products/services which are part of the programme, so that the Issuer can record the purchase on the Card.

4.2. Failure to present the Card upon payment will make it impossible to take advantage of its benefits.

4.3. The benefits of the Card can be taken advantage of in the following ways:
a) after completing registration online at www.trecime.com/club, the Holder of the Card will be entitled:
- to receive a “Tre Cime Mountain Club” bandanna, which can be picked up at the checkout counters of the Issuer at Sesto, San Candido and Versciaco, upon presentation of the Card;
- to receive a free round-trip ticket to the ski lift cabin on the day of arrival at the ski facility, when the Holder purchases a multi-day skipass good for at least two consecutive days. This benefit can be taken advantage of only if the purchase is made after 3:00 PM on the day of arrival;
- to receive discounts of up to 10% on the purchase and/or rental of sporting goods at “Rent & Go 3 Zinnen” in Versciaco, and also to take advantage of special offers before they are available to non-holders of the Card. Consumables and small accessories are excluded from the discounts mentioned above.
- to be free from paying a deposit for renting sports equipment and to have ski wax applied to their skis at the special price of 5 Euros at “Rent & Go 3 Zinnen” in Versciaco;
- to obtain discounts on skipasses for 15 friends on various days that will be chosen by the Issuer and communicated via email;
- to exclusively try out “HEAD” brand equipment for the next winter season, depending on current availability, at “Rent & Go 3 Zinnen” in Versciaco;
- to participate in exclusive Club Events, whose dates and locations will be communicated via email;
- to receive promotional offers for staying at hotel facilities participating in the 3 Zinnen Mountain Club, which will be communicated by the Issuer via email;
- to help prepare the trails of the Croda Rossa with a ride on a snowmobile, after booking the event via email, and according to current availability and at the rates set by the Issuer.

b) after logging on to www.trecime.com/club, the Holder of the Card can associate the Card with any type of skipass he has purchased for the Tre Cime ski circuit. In this case, if the following requirements are met, the Holder will be entitled to following additional benefit:
- Card Holders who cover the largest number of kilometres in the Tre Cime ski circuit - in relation to the type of skipass they have purchased - will receive a free skipass of the corresponding type, which will be good for next season, according to the following table:

Type of skipassNumber of skiers awarded skipasses
Seasonal 3
8-day 4

bb) the Holder of the Card can link his Card with the skipass of his children, so that they can take advantage of the benefits associated with the use of the Holder's skipass.

4.4. Said benefits cannot be combined with any other promotion offered by the Issuer.

4.5. If the Holder does not take advantage of one or more benefits, he shall not have to right to request and/or expect anything of any kind from the Issuer.

5. Loss, Damage, Theft, Tampering, Counterfeiting or Malfunctioning and Revocation of the Card

5.1. If the Card is lost, damage or stolen, the Holder must promptly notify the Issuer, who will check the Holder's identifying information and will revoke and/or replace the old Card with a new one, and also - within a reasonable time frame - credit said new Card with any benefits that have accumulated and have not been used.

5.2. The Issuer reserves the right to check the validity of Cards that are presented to claim benefits and to refuse Cards which are counterfeit or have been tampered with. If a Card has been counterfeited or tampered with, the Holder will not be entitled to compensation for or reimbursement of any benefit that has accumulated and has not been used.

5.3. The Issuer reserves the right to revoke the Card if these regulations are violated.

5.4. Revocation results in cancellation of the Card and of any benefits that have accumulated and have not been used. The Issuer reserves the right to demand the restitution of any benefits (points, prizes, discounts, etc.) that have been acquired illegally, as well to take legal action against the Holder.

5.5. The Issuer is not responsible for fraudulent, improper or unauthorised use of the Card and reserves the right to take legal action against the Holder if this occurs.

5.6. The Issuer is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences that are associated with malfunctions of the Card and of the systems used to manage it, and which are beyond the Issuer's control. However, the Issuer will do everything possible to credit the Holder with any benefits that have accumulated and have not been used.

6. Returning the Card

6.1. The Holder may return the Card to the Issuer at any time. Such return will result in the loss of any benefits that have accumulated and have not been used.

7. Validity

7.1. The Card is strictly personal and may not be transferred to third parties or used by persons other than the Holder of the Card. The Card will be revoked if such transfer or use should occur.

7.2. The Card has no expiration date. In any case, the Issuer shall have the option of revoking its validity at any time, for any reason and without prior notice; for example, if the Card has not been used for more than 12 months.