Rifugio Gigante Baranci

Cold Startes & Salads

Plate of cold cuts 3 Zinnen
Bacon Senfter, deer salami, bread crostini, braised red cabbage, „Zigolan“ (fresh cheese)

15,50 €
Selection of local cheese (hay cheese, lagrein, black pepper cheese, zigolan, gray cheese ) served with chutney

14,50 €

"Sfera Salada"
homemade carpaccio of carne salada filled with smoked burratina, rocket salad, red onions and
reduction of cherry tomatoes

16,00 €
Our tartare
Pusteria Valley beef tartare (150g) lightly seasoned, with Siberian caviar and grilled spring onion

28,00 €
Baranci salad
mixed salad with grilled bacon dumpling and apple fan (granny smith)

13,00 €
 Vegan salad
warm quinoa salad with vegetables
11,70 €
Summer salad
mixed salad with French roast beef and green sauce

15,00 €
Shake of celery, carrot, apple and ginger

6,40 €
Small mixed alad

6,90 €
Large mixed salad


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