So much more than just a baby reindeer


When the sun coloured the pale walls of Croda Rossa Peak in the early morning of May 8th, our reindeer herd at Croda Rossa has become one pack member richer.

"Alba" - the sunrise, the new beginning

In times like these, the name for the little four-legged friend could not be more appropriate. Flora gives us confidence through the blossoming of the spring flowers, which fight their way through the soft snow. And fauna shows with offspring in the animal world that a new beginning continues the cycle of life. After only a few minutes Alba stood next to her mum Kelly and her dad Mika, the pack leader, in the enclosure at 1,950m. Now Alba is one week old and with her long legs she jumps through the enclosure - always as close as possible to Mama Kelly.

When a baby reindeer is born, the mountain summer begins. Reindeer adapt the birth of their young to the weather conditions, so that the calves have a good start in life. Confident like the little one's name, we too look to the future, to a relaxing and unforgettable summer 2020, with smiling children's eyes when they see little Alba for the first time.

And soon you can help us again with the now well-known reindeer feeding. Our forests are the ideal ground for Icelandic moss, the favourite food of the reindeer. That's exactly why the four-legged friends feel so comfortable with us already in the 3rd generation. Visit us on Croda Rossa from 20th June onwards, until then we will allow our herd some rest!