With passion and commitment

Alfred and the Gigante Baranci

On June 13th the time has come again: we open the chairlift up to Monte Baranci. And with it also the Rifugio Gigante Baranci. Alfred and the team from the family mountain Monte Baranci took the past weeks to prepare the hut, the dwarf village and the realm of the Gigante Baranci for you. Surely not only they, but also the Gigante Baranci, are looking forward to meet you!

Since 2017 Alfred has been the managing director of the Rifugio Gigante Baranci at San Candido. With a lot of dedication, he and his staff make every effort in the summer and winter months to give you an unforgettable experience. 

Even though the peak of Monte Baranci is still sugared white, the employees of the family mountain are already in the starting blocks for the summer season: there is a lot to do before the chairlift up to Monte Baranci opens on June 13th. The Funbob has to be put into operation, and final preparations in the dwarf village have to be made. Everyone is especially looking forward to the new Family Park, the realm of Gigante Baranci. Enter the legendary world of giants and dwarves and finish your journey at the Rifugio Gigante Baranci with a giant burger. 

Alfred is already looking forward to meet his guests again: especially when he sees familiar faces. But he is also excited to see new guest, who can take a relaxing brake at the Monte Baranci. Until then, however, there is still a lot to be done: together with chef Rosario he takes care of the garden: this year they plant flowers so that Monte Baranci with its family park will be even more colourful.