Biscuit smell is in the air

Our dear Christmas biscuits

When it gets colder outside, and more and more cosy at home. When the first snow falls, the fir trees begin to shine and day after day a door on the Advent calendar is opened. And then there is that smell which sweetens the time even more. The smell of freshly baked Christmas biscuits.

Did you know that the tradition of Christmas biscuits already existed before the birth of Jesus Christ? At that time there was no Christmas as we know it today, but at these days on 25 December people used to celebrate the winter solstice. That day people celebrated the end of the long nights with dances and so-called baked sacrificial breads. With the beginning of Christianity, the "birthday of the sun" became the birthday of the Christ Child and thus the sacrificial bread became the Christ Bread. This tradition was continued year after year until in the Middle Ages families’ started baking smaller variations of the Christmas bread, our Christmas biscuits, which are still known today.


Also in South Tyrol it is tradition to bake biscuits in the period before Christmas. No matter what shape, size or decoration - nothing stands in the way of creativity in the preparation of Christmas cookies . There is something for everyone.

A Christmas classic.
An irresistible smell.
The queen of Christmas biscuits.
Rum Balls
The Christmas praline.
A biscuit for anyone.