Our mission. Our values.

This is us

Everyone at 3 Zinnen Dolomites is also a kind of a superhero. In the eyes of our guest we are admired for our alpine competence and our experience on the mountain. Courage and the use of the most modern technology in rough nature gives us something heroic. At the same time, heroes don't allow themselves to have a bad day.They are helpful and always in a good mood... yes, a "Mountain Hero" reads the guest's wishes from their lips and gives 100%. Let's be heroes for our customers!
We want to be part of the top ski areas in the Dolomites. 
We give our clients an unforgettable time in the mountains. 
We secure our jobs through enthusiastic guests. 
We deliver top performance every day: through our cable cars, in the snowmaking and slope preparation, in the kitchen and in service, in cleanliness, in our services (ski and bike rental, Funbob, ...) and in the offices.
We invest with conviction in the modernisation and expansion of our company.
Satisfaction is not enough for us! We inspire! We live the highest quality of service and friendliness towards our guests. We always give more than he expects.
One of us! We make the guest feel like one of us and are always respectful.
We are informed! We can answer our customers' questions at any time. We have read our information materials, studied the website and taken a close look at what we have to offer. We take a proactive interest and obtain the necessary information from our superiors and contacts.
Success begins in small things! Even a small piece of paper lying on the floor is important to us.
Our offer is not cheap, but it is worth the price! The investment in our cable cars  and our products  costs a lot of money. But they enable the guest to spend unforgettable hours on the mountain and are therefore worth every cent.
We think in terms of solutions, not problems! We do not criticise problems, we look for the solution ourselves and discuss it with our supervisor.
We play it safe! We take occupational safety seriously. For our own health and the health of our customers.
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