With the special electric beef grill at temperatures of 800-1000°C we use extremely short treatment times with no additional fat - a very healthy way of cooking. Thanks to the rapid and powerful effect of the heat, the pores of the meat close very quickly, forming a caramelised crust on the outside of the meat with the core staying juicy and tasty.

Sliced Beef Steak
served on a bed of rocket and rasped parmesan

22,00 €
Rib-Eye Steak

400 g           29,00 € 
600 g           36,00 € 

Beef Tanderloin

200 g           26,50 €
250 g           32,00 €
 300 g            39,00 € 
Fiorentina Steak (x 2 Pers.)
1 kg

56,00 €

Served with grilled vegetables and maxi chips!

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