The world’s only Christmas ski area

Skiers' Christmas 3 Zinnen

The sound of music, delicious food, magical sparkling lights. From 27.11.2021 to 06.01.2022 the ski resort 3 Zinnen Dolomites nestles in the snow-covered Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And it will be the one and only ski area in the world to dress up in fairy-tale Christmas costume.

Do you remember the smell of freshly baked gingerbread when you called in on grandma on a cold winter’s day? Or how you would leaf through her recipe book with her? Award-winning chef Chris Oberhammer, TV chef Markus Holzer and their colleagues from the Culinaria Tirolensis, Josef Mühlmann and Sommelier Andrè Cis have also been leafing through their grandmothers’ recipe books and, in selected ski huts, they’re going to enchant, amaze and delight you over Christmas with their very own take on some old Christmas dishes.

All the participating  ski huts are going to enchant, amaze and delight you with their very own take on some old Christmas dishes.

Map with partecipating huts and highlights.

But Christmas in the 3 Zinnen Dolomites ski resort is more than fantastic food. It’s the peaceful wintry atmosphere that makes Advent so unique. And it's also about being able to recapture the magic of childhood once a year. So, whether you’re travelling with family or friends, make sure you send off your letter to Father Christmas.... And this time post it at Father Christmas’s real post office 2050 metres up above the treetops in the snow-covered Dolomites. Get together and count the lights on the tree with a 1000 stars. Then set off on skis in search of the huge Advent wreath hidden in one of our rustic ski huts. The snow-covered children’s mountain farm will sparkle as in the fairy tales, and yes, somewhere Father Christmas will be waiting with a present for young and old alike.

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