The organiser expressly declares to be fully and exclusively liable for the execution of the training or the event and is obliged to ensure the safety of the racers, the public and the skiers.

The organiser declares to know the racetrack and is obliged to check the slope and its safety installations before use to ensure that the slope is suitable for racing purposes. Should the organiser find defects in the track or other safety installations that could affect the racing or training activity, the organisation must immediately inform the 3 Zinnen plc in writing and must stop using the track until it is again suitable for the stated purposes.

During use, the organiser must regularly check the condition of both the ski slope and the safety installations to ensure that they are appropriate. The organisation must prevent unauthorised persons from entering the sectioned-off slope by installing the provided signs and, if necessary, supplementing them with additional ones.

In general, the organiser agrees to take on its own initiative, all precautions regarding safety to eliminate, to the greatest extent possible, any danger for the racers, as well as for other skiers or persons.

The organiser expressly declares that he is authorised to organise the event and that he has taken a suitable liability insurance and an accident insurance for the participants.

The reservation of the racetrack:

• Is done by confirming this agreement.

Cancellation of the reservation

• Training sessions can be cancelled up to 3 days before the date, races, or larger events up to one week before the date.

Before the start of the training or the use of the track, the person appointed and responsible by the organiser must:

• Check the track on his or her own initiative and, in the case of existing risks, remove them or ensure that they are removed before the start of the use of the track.
• Ensure that the signs at the entrance to the track are set to "Reserved track" and, in the case of access by unauthorised persons, ask them to leave the track immediately and ensure that this is done.

At the end of the pre-booked hours, the organiser must:

• Change the signs at the entrance of the track back to "track open".
• Completely clear the course of all equipment and objects before the end of the agreed timetable.
• Immediately report any problems or damage to the facilities to the company.

The company reserves the right to

• Cancel the reserved training sessions in case of possible races or other events which the company considers important to organise during the winter season.
• Cancel the reserved training sessions in case of unsafe snow conditions and/or lack of safety of any kind.

In any case, upon the occurrence of the above listed circumstances, the company will notify the organiser as soon as possible.