Picnic with a view

Finally enjoy (the) outdoors again

It is so nice that we can finally go out again. Not only the fresh mountain air and the pure nature are just perfect now, but also good food and drinks are very important.

Blue sky, breathtaking panorama and good mountain air. The sun tickles on the tip of your nose and the cow bells ring in the background. This is what a perfect summer day looks like in the holiday region 3 Zinnen in the Dolomites. Besides, I can relax here, experience great adventures and recharge my batteries. After I have already visited the Giant Baranci and explored his realm today, it is now time for a break. Also, I am a little hungry after such an exciting day. How about a South Tyrolean "Marende"?
In the Gigante Baranci Hut I pick up a picnic basket. I make myself comfortable in the green meadow surrounded by alpine flowers. The picnic basket is just the right thing now. The "Marende" offers you everything to strengthen yourself for the rest of the day. Typically it consists of various salty products. On the cutting board I cut up some “Speck” (bacon), some cheese and the “Kaminwurze“, a typical smoked sausage. To go with it, I take a piece of „Schüttelbrot“, typical bread, with some horseradish and on top of it a small pickled gherkin. What a taste explosion, that's what South Tyrol tastes like! I am also very thirsty from all the discoveries. Luckily, there is a delicious apple juice and spring water from the mountains in the basket - the ideal thirst quenchers.  

For dessert there is a sweet South Tyrolean apple full of vitamins. After my „Marende“ I am ready to conquer the mountains again. Let's go to the footprint lakes and the dwarf village. Down to the valley I take the funbob, such a great day!