Guided MTB Tour

3 cable cars 5 mountains THE GIRO BIKE TOUR

An experienced bike guide will accompany you on this unique tour over 5 mountains. You will cover the majority of the altitude with 3 cable cars. So you can save enough energy for a lot of fun in the descent.

Start is at the valley station of the cable car Monte Elmo with a subsequent ride with the cable car up to 2,040m. From there it goes first to Rifugio Gallo Cedrone (2.150m) and further to Rifugio Sillianer (2.447m). You will be thrilled by the unique 360° panoramic view: enjoy the view of the Sesto Dolomites, as well as the glacier world of the Zillertaler Alps in Austria. After a short rest you will reach the highest point: the "Hornischegg/Monte Arnese" (2.550m) and over the 800m long "Monte Elmo Trail" to the "Negerdörfl". Then the "Molini Trail" takes you to the valley station cable car Tre Cime. Of course, a rest at the Rifugio Pollaio is also part of the tour, which continues over the "Stiergarten" to have lunch at Malga Klammbach (1.944m). The view from Stiergarten to the Sesto Dolomites is so fantastic that the cable car Tre Cime is taken twice: Downhill it goes along the natural "Erla Trail". From the Signaue valley station it's an easy way to the valley station of Croda Rossa. The cable car takes you up to Croda Rossa at 1,950m. On the first descent, the "Schellab Trail" and the "Standschützen Trail" take you down to the valley. The day tour ends on the partly technical "Croda Rossa Trail", which ends at the Croda Rossa valley station.

Buy the mountain card that best suits your holiday plans and take your bike to the mountains Croda Rossa, Stiergarten, Monte Elmo and Thurntaler (in Austria) for free. 

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