Single-Trails Three Peaks Dolomites

Flowing downhill

Passionate Endurists will love it: This summer, two brand new flowing single trails await you: the "Standschützen" on the Croda Rossa and the "Erla" on the Stiergarten with a constant view of the captivating Dolomite panorama.


The Erla Trail is a hand-prepared track through pristine nature. Here you’ll need skill and experience to master natural obstacles such as roots and stones. This stretch is ideal for ambitious Endurobikers, who love a challenge and a kick of adrenaline.

Reachable by cable car Tre Cime (Sesto) 

Start: Summit station Stiergarten (2.100m) 

Destination: Valley station Sesto-Signaue (1.440m)

Length: 6,83 km

Drop: 660m



The newly constructed trail extends through a place of historical importance. 100 years ago during the First World War, the area was used by Austrian Rifle Guard (The Standschützen) to transport food and ammunition as part of the first Dolomite front. This pristine, partially paved stretch is perfect for experienced Enduro riders and those looking to improve their skills.

Reachable by cable car Croda Rossa (Sesto-Bad Moos)

Start: Summit station Croda Rossa (1.925m)

Destination: Valley station Sesto-Signaue (1.440m)

Length: 4,22 km

Drop: 485m