The mountain with views

Experiences on the Monte Elmo for the whole family

Nowhere the view is more beautiful than on the Monte Elmo! You don't believe us? We bet that we can convince you. The Monte Elmo has a lot to offer, for the whole family. That's why we've put together 6 experiences to make sure you'll remember your stay in the holiday region 3 Zinnen even better.
The view from the Monte Elmo is breathtaking. Convince yourself bright and early at sunrise. Every Tuesday (until 08.09.2020) we bring you on the Monte Elmo very early in the morning and you can start the day with one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. We cannot imagine the sunrise more beautiful than behind the tops of the Sesto Sundial!
Breakfast with a view
After you have enjoyed the sunrise at the crackling campfire, it is time for a break. Ideal for this is the cosy mountain breakfast in the Monte Elmo Restaurant. Enjoy South Tyrolean delicacies at your breakfast with a view.
Olperls Nature Park
Even our youngest visitors can enjoy the wonderful view as they follow Olperl's footsteps. The Olperl is a mysterious creature from Sesto. The lively creature has allowed itself some jokes in the past and frightened the farmers and hikers with loud whistles. Even today he is still hiding in the mountains of Sesto. Maybe you will meet him as well?
The unique mountain world
You are not quite a morning person and would rather start the day a little later? No worries, experience the view on one of the countless walking or hiking trails. How about the Smuggler Trail, for example? This round walk leads from the mountain station to the Monte Elmo summit. The trail offers one of the most beautiful views of the Sesto Dolomites. 
Panoramic picnic
The mountains and all the hiking are not quite enough South Tyrol for you? Try tasting it with one of our picnic baskets. Just grab yours at the Monte Elmo Restaurant and enjoy the so called “Marende” on the green meadows in between alpine flowers. 
Paragliding flight
2,434 metres are not high enough for you? If you want to experience the beautiful Sesto Dolomites from even higher up, you can do so on a paragliding flight with a certified tandem pilot.