Poletno sankališče na Južnem Tirolskem

Funbob na Haunoldu

Prvo poletno sankališče na Južnem Tirolskem: Funbob na Haunoldu-San Candidu. Mali in veliki po aluminijasti tirnici švignite nazaj v dolino. Za prevozno sredstvo vam služi bob, ki mu sami določate hitrost. Ob tem se boste odrasli zabavali najmanj toliko kot otroci.
Tehnični podatki
Največja hitrost 10 m/s Nagib: srednji 18,5 % najmanjši 5 % največji 40 % Dolžina: 1.739 m Višinska razlika 314 m

Technical data

Speed: max. 10 m/sec
- Gradient: median 18.5% - minimum 5% - maximum 40%
- Length: 1.739 m
- Altitude differential: 314 m 


Please note the following rules of conduct for the use of the Funbob summer toboggan run:

- All passengers use the Funbob Bahn at their own risk
- Passengers may only use the Funbob Bahn if wearing suitable clothing and must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
- Frivolous behaviour and careless riding on the Funbob run can lead to serious injuries to the driver and other persons
- The signs giving information and insturctions at the start, end and along the Funbob Bahn must be strictly observed
- The instructions issued by the operating staff must be followed as you take your seat on th eFunbob and fasten your seatbelt
- The maximum weight of each passenger is 110kg
- Riding the Funbob is only allowed if the safety belt is worn throughout the run
- Unfastening the safety belt during the irde is strictly forbidden
- At the start, the rider must observe the traffic light and only start when the light shows green
- Riding your bob into the back of another rider is strictly forbidden. Aminimum distance of 50m from the bob in front must be maintained
- The rider causing a collision is liable for all consequences and damages caused by the collision
- You must ride at a speed so that there is no danger to yourself or any other riders. However, you should not ride too slowly
- Stopping without reason is strictly forbidden
- Using electronic devices during the run is forbidden
- Children up to the age of 7 may only ride if accompanied by a person at least 18 years of age
- Children aged 8 years and over must ride the Funbob Bahn alone or as a passenger
- In the case of heavy rain during the run, the rider must stop the Funbob and immediately leave the Funbob run. The Funbob guiding rail must not be crossed
- When it rains the Funbob Bahn cannot operate for safety reasons
- At the end of the Funbob run, the rider must slow down to walking pace
- No dogs of any size are allowed
- Crossing the Funbob guiding rail is strictly forbidden
- In case of non-compliance with these regulations, use of the Funbob Bahn may be prohibited by the staff
- The operating staff are at your service at all times for information and advice

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