3 Zinnen Dolomites

Messner Mountain Museum Roca

"MMM Roca", the sixth and final Messner Mountain Museum dedicated to rock climbing, will open in summer 2024 in the holiday region 3 Zinnen Dolomites.

After the era of the old Monte Elmo Sesto cable car came to an end in 2020, its top station has remained unused for the last few years. Now this very mountain station is getting a new design, a new function.

The new Messner Mountain Museum Roca is being built on Monte Elmo.

The "MMM Roca" is considered an "upcycling" project in terms of sustainable tourism development in the region.

"Even with the new use of the technical structure as an exhibition space, the raw character of the existing building should be retained." - architect Ulla Hell

"The historical structure will be preserved, and the building will be filled with new Alpine content that perfectly reflects the life and history of our valleys.” – Franz Senfter, president of 3 Zinnen plc

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