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Reduced price lunch During working hours, we offer our employees discounted lunch.
Salary Our employees receive both the 13th and 14th month salary.
Health care We offer our employees various additional health benefits.
Skipass All our employees can use the cable cars free of charge. In addition, the respective life partners receive strong discounts for the season tickets.
Training Our employees are our most valuable asset. That is why we promote training and further education. 
Holiday Our employees receive 33 or 41 days of holiday
Presents Long-term employees are honoured and on special occasions all our employees receive gifts.
First Responder In the event of a fire or rescue mission, our employees are given time off.
Career opportunities Our employees can look forward to career and promotion opportunities. 
Supplementary pension fund To ensure that the time after work is secure, we pay into a supplementary pension fund for our employees.
Company excursions Team-building is a top priority for us. That's why we regularly go on company outings together. 
Accomodation for the staff You live too far away from our workplaces? No problem! Staff rooms are available near our workplaces.