The life of a dwarf at Monte Baranci

The dwarf village

Very close to the ‘giant’s footprint’ lakes by the Rifugio Gigante Baranci, you’ll find hidden away an alpine recreation area, a wonderful place to unwind - with a very special attraction: the Dwarf Village. High up in the branches there are quaint tree houses which you can explore via ladders and rope bridges. The life of a dwarf is reflected in the nine mountain huts below.

The legend of the Giant M. Baranci is well known: after he drank from a miraculous spring as a child, he grew up to a giant, who helped the villagers of San Candido to carry the heavy stones for the construction of the collegiate church from the mountain into the valley. On the mountain the giant of course had his personal helpers, the dwarves. Therefore the technical director of the 3 Zinnen AG, Rudolf Egarter, had the idea to build the dwarf village at the M. Baranci. Despite his responsible and time-consuming task as technical director, his love for drawing and building with wood has never been lost. The new dwarf village reflects exactly this passion: right next to the Rifugio Gigante Baranci, rustic tree houses float high in the branches, which can be explored by young visitors over ladders and suspension bridges. The rest of dwarf life takes place in the nine small forest cabins on the ground.

Rudolf Egarter - technical director
"As with our other highlight attractions, such as Olperls Bergwelt at M. Elmo, the local raw material wood also plays an important role in the Dwarf Village."
Mark Winkler - CEO
"Our employees have put a lot of efford and creativity into each and every cabin. Therefore we are happy that the dwarf life at the foot of the M. Baranci-massif can finally start."
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