General Terms & Conditions for sale 2022

1. The following General Terms and Conditions of Sales represent the contractual conditions governing the purchase and the use of the tickets issued by 3 Zinnen AG. 

2. The 3 Zinnen AG acts in its own interest and is responsible for the management and operation of the respective lift system facilities and their connected services. These operators and the users are therefore the sole and exclusive contracting parties to the present agreement. 

3. The ticket is a strictly personal document and may carry the name and surname and/or a photo of its holder. The ticket may not be transferred, even free of charge, nor exchanged or altered. Its duration cannot be changed and it cannot be substituted. 

4. The ticket 3 Zinnen Mountain Card Family is valid for 2 adults plus at least 2 children (8-16).  Every other child or teenager is included in the price of the 3 Zinnen Mountain Card Family. 

5. The ordinary summer season starts on 26/05/2022 and will end on 09/10 or rather on 01/11/2022. The tickets will be valid for the entire period as specified above and their acceptance at all operating and open lift system facilities will be guaranteed. Some individual or groups of lift system facilities may become or result operational before or after the dates specified above with respect to season’s beginning or end. Potential inactivity of lift system facilities will depend on the owners’ autonomous decision.

6. In order to benefit from the special rates for Seniors (S), Juniors (J) and Children (B), as well as for the purchase of the 3 Zinnen Mountain Card Family in accordance with the terms explained in the respective information leaflets, interested individuals must personally access the sales offices and provide valid ID’s (not replaceable by self-certification or similar procedures), attesting the possession of the requirements entitling to the provided discounts, in accordance with the indications contained in the price lists available at the sales offices or on the web site 

7. In case of purchase of tickets for minors, the accompanying adult declares that he/she is aware of the civil liabilities related to the supervision of minors, also during their use of the lift system facilities, and acknowledges the provisions laid down in the code of conduct provided for by Law no. 363/2003 (and subsequent amendments and additions), as well as all others - inclusive of those issued by local authorities at a provincial or regional level - in order to regulate the subject matter in question. The use of lift system and skiing facilities by minors will occur under the exclusive liability, control and supervision of the adult companion.

8. Owners and operators of lift system facilities are not responsible or liable neither for damages arising from improper use of their facilities nor for the consequences of card holders’ incorrect and illicit behaviour performed during their attendance at the lift system facility, and its surrounding areas. Strict compliance is required with the Facility User Guidelines as on display at the point of departure of all facilities.

9. Upon request of both the staff operating the facilities as well as the control inspectors, tickets must be shown and the holder must consent his/her identification.

10. Ticket holders understand and accept that any improper or incorrect use of the ticket will lead to its immediate withdrawal, annulment or suspension. Any abuse will be prosecuted according to law and through any legal action or proceeding deemed necessary or proper for ascertaining the offender’s criminal (e.g. for fraud – art. 640 of the Italian Penal Code) and civil liability.

11. In case the ticket is not used at all or only partially used, withdrawn, annulled, suspended or deliberately damaged, no substitution will occur and no right to refund or reimbursement will be acknowledged.

12. Lost tickets, are eligible for replacement within their validity period. In order to prevent improper use by third parties, holders will have to access one of the central issuing points and apply for substitution by presenting a valid ID and the purchase attest. Replaced tickets will be valid right after the validation of the substitution request and the disablement of the lost card. 

13. The ticket is an indispensable and irreplaceable transport document for the transportation of the card holder on the lift system facilities, as described in art.1. Tickets are never replaced nor refunded, except cases explicitly defined and regulated by conditions determined in arti. 12. 

14. The ticket, being a transport document necessary to access the lift system facilities, serve the function of a tax receipt (Ministerial Decree of 30/06/1992 and subsequent amendments and additions) and must be retained for the entire duration of the lift system facilities’ use.

15. No guarantee is given that all lift system facilities will be open and in uninterrupted function nor that all attractions (p. e. Funbob) will be accessible and usable during the entire summer season, as defined in point no. 5 above. Facilities’ operation and slope’s use depend on factors beyond the control of their owners or operators, such as – for example – weather, security and safety conditions, lift facility failures or damages, energy blackouts, instructions or indications issued by authorities and other causes of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

16. The price of the as well as the amount of charged units may vary due to intervention by fiscal, monetary, economic or social authorities.

17.  The user declares that he/she is proficient in cycling and that the bicycle is in technically perfect condition. In this context, the operator of the cable cars accepts no liability for any damage to persons, the environment or installations.

18. By purchasing and/or using the ticket, the document holder expressly acknowledges the content and entirely accepts the present General Sales Conditions, available at the points of sale.

19. Pass holders understand and accept that in case of contrast or differences between the present English version of the terms and conditions and their Italian text, the latter has to be considered as the prevailing and as the only binding one.

20. These terms and conditions as well as the provisions of the transportation agreement are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of Italy. Ticket holders also acknowledge and accept that all disputes potentially arising with respect to the validity and the execution of the transportation agreement and with respect to the present terms and conditions will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Bolzano/Bozen.
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