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The air is slowly becoming clearer, the leaves of nature even more colourful and impressive. Just the right moment to relax and recover and to spend your time in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Alps, the golden Dolomites. From september 9th to november 1st you can experience the UNESCO Dolomites every day from a different perspective.
weekly programme
Every Tuesday
"Dolomiti senza confini"
“The Dolomites are the most beautiful natural architecture in the world”, as architect Le Corbusier puts it. The tour “Dolomiti senza confini” leads exactly through this natural architecture. Over old mountain galleries, ladder paths from World War I and suspension bridges you will reach the well-deserved summit cross. History can be so much more than boring literature from books. 
Every Wednesday
The Dolomites cinema
A night in the Dolomites cinema - after a hike along the Dobbiaco Alta Via you will experience the Dolomites in their most beautiful colours, at the golden hour just before the sun disappears behind the peaks. Hut owner Alfred from the Bonnerhütte makes your time there very special: Traditional dinner, local breakfast and very warm hospitality. And the next day lunch at the new Marchhütte. 
Every thursday
About forgotten shepherds' paths
Rustic. Down-to-earth. Genuine. Hebs, the landlord and shepherd from the Pragser Tal Valley lives for his Rossalm. He could not imagine a nicer job, because the alp is his life. Hebs likes to pass on his passion to his visitors and he offers you the opportunity to explore hidden places and to slip into his role as a landlord. Together you hike from the Plätzwiese high plateau along old shepherds' paths to the Rossalm where you prepare a hearty alpine meal and experience the mountain life at 2,164 m above sea level.
Every thursday
In the footsteps of smugglers
A hundred years ago smugglers used the border between Austria and Italy to secretly bring their goods across the borders. The “Helmhaus”, which still makes the peak on the Helm unmistakable, was used as a customs house at that time. Luckily, today we can learn there about the mysterious traces and stories of the smugglers. And all this is best done with our local hiking guides. 
Every friday
Three Peaks sunrise
Nature makes its declarations of love very early in the morning, when the sun slowly rises into the sky, breaking through the cloud cover and transforming the mighty Three Peaks and the walls of the Dolomites into a spectacle of light. Take the time to be present at this special event because it will be one of those moments which will find a place in your photo album and in many of your anecdotes.
Every friday
Relaxing water
“Nature is the best pharmacy,” as Sebastian Kneipp put it. Take the time to recharge your batteries. Roswitha Rainer will show you what undreamt-of and soothing powers are contained in the contrast baths and how relaxing the use of body wraps can be for you. Due to the simplicity of the applications, they can also be carried out at home so that you can feel completely comfortable even after your holiday. 

Return of the cattle from the pasture Sesto

Return of the cattle from the pasture Dobbiaco

Folklore Festival "Kirchtag" Villabassa

16. - 17.10.2021

Folklore Festival "Kirchtag" Dobbiaco
16. - 17.10.2021

Folklore Festival "Kirchtag" Wahlen
02. - 03.10.2021

Folklore Festival "Kirchtag" Braies
23. - 24.10.2021


Stoneman Hike-Days
09. - 11.09.2021

Drei Zinnen Allpine Run

3 Zinnen Rallye


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