Time for you to spend in a unique autumn landscape, to experience the rich harvest of nature, to admire the interplay of colours of the glowing larches, and to enjoy a peaceful sunrise climb up to the majestic mountain tops. Exclusive highlights and events invite you to stay and to enjoy this unique time of year with us.

You as a landlord of an Alpine hut
An entertaining adventure on Malga dei Cavalli in Valle di Braies. Today, you take on the mantle of Alpine hut landlord Hebs. In addition to a hearty homemade meal, there will be musical accompaniment on the traditional devil's violin as well as the homemade herbal schnapps! You return to the valley late afternoon, by the light of fire torches. A unique and certainly unforgettable adventure awaits you here! 
Autumn time is harvest time. Traditional festivals are rooted in the local culture and lived again year after year: harvest festival with procession, the typical potato festival, the church fête or the cattle drive down from the pastures. Be there and experience local traditions close-up!
Spectacle of nature
The striking rocks of the Dolomites stretch majestically into the sky; lakes and springs captivate you with their colours; rustic valleys, extensive meadows and glowing larch forests embrace you. Experience the diversity of our natural world.
Spectacle of nature