Offers 3 Zinnen Dolomites

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We’ve prepared the right offers for active, family and leisure holidaymakers. Discover every aspect of the holiday region 3 Zinnen Dolomites and enjoy your holiday in South Tyrol.
from 588,00€ Value weeks - It pays to stay!
1/2/2023 - 4/11/2023
Enjoy a free day for your winter holiday in the Dolomites - 7 days at the price of 6!
from 850,00€ Ski + Wein Markus passion
2/25/2023 - 3/31/2023
In this offer, we find the passion of Markus. You will have a fantastic wine tasting with him!
from 693,00€ -wisthaler-com-21-01-dolomitisuperski-hw62372
3/11/2023 - 4/10/2023
Pure pleasure! Skiing with Eggeles ski rental included. Enjoy the sun on the perfectly groomed slopes of the holiday region 3 Zinnen Dolomites. After ...
Dolomiti Spring Days 4=3
3/25/2023 - 4/10/2023
4=3 A fun ski day for FREE if you stay 4 days or more. 4 days stay and ski pass at the price of 3. 8 days stay and ski pass at the price of 6. Ski ...
from 938,00€ Magic of blossom
5/13/2023 - 5/28/2023
Make a splash in the 25-metre outdoor pool. Treat your tastebuds to Siglinde's culinary delights. Sit in the sunshine in your own private garden. ...
from 580,00 € Adler's hiking weeks
5/20/2023 - 7/9/2023
Hiking in the Dolomites is a true experience. Crystal-clear mountain lakes invite you to go for walks, alpine pastures and the beautiful mountain ...
from 288,00€ Special Offer 4=3 in summer
5/20/2023 - 7/5/2023
4 = 3 is the magic formula: One free day at a minimum stay of four nights.
from 580,00€ Summer value weeks - it pays to stay!
5/20/2023 - 7/15/2023
Book your one-week summer holiday to get one day off: 7 days at the price of 6!
from 955,00€ Dolomiti Highlights Week
6/11/2023 - 6/18/2023
Experience the Dolomites from their most beautiful site.
Enjoying the sunny days - ski season until April 10
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